HYWL Decals


HYWL decals are available in two styles, 6 colors, and ship for just $1(US)…can’t wait to see what you stick them to!

Step 1 – hold decal with parchment side toward you
Step 2 – peel away the glossy backing
Step 3 – hover over then place where you’d like it to go
Step 4 – rub the back of the paper and peel to reveal!

Size is approx. 5 1/4″ x 5 1/4″

Each decal purchase helps to provide memorial gifts for one family 💜

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Sales in our shop are the #1 fundraiser at Held Your Whole Life.  We are always looking to offer new, meaningful memorial pieces.  100% of the proceeds from these, and all of our products, goes into the mission of gifting personalized memorial jewelry to families who have lost a baby in the womb.