Limited Edition 2020 Ornament Keepsake


The Held Your Whole Life Board and Makers are pleased to present our Limited Edition 2020 Christmas Ornaments!  This is our biggest fundraiser of the season and we look forward to it every single year.

This year’s ornament was commissioned by a local artist and features a butterfly to symbolize hope and represent our babies who are so loved and so missed.  The wings have been tenderly hand-painted making each piece entirely unique.

The ornament measures 3″ in diameter and is hung on a gold ribbon.  It comes to you in a white gift box tied in baker’s twine.  It will make a beautiful memorial for yourself or for someone you love.

As always, every penny made from the sale of these ornaments, and each and every item in our Shop, goes into making our free memorial requests possible.  From our hearts to yours, we wish you a gentle and very merry Christmas 💜

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Sales in our shop are the #1 fundraiser at Held Your Whole Life.  We are always looking to offer new, meaningful memorial pieces.  100% of the proceeds from these, and all of our products, goes into the mission of gifting personalized memorial jewelry to families who have lost a baby in the womb.

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