Limited Edition 2022 Ornament Keepsake


The Held Your Whole Life Board and Makers are pleased to present our Limited Edition 2022 Christmas Ornaments!  This is our biggest fundraiser of the season and we look forward to it every single year.

This year’s ornament is one of our most detailed and intimate pieces to date. Each of these feathers is handmade, one-by-one, to give you a custom keepsake as unique and special as your sweet baby.  Finding a feather is a meaningful sign in our loss community – there is a spiritual connection with the divine, as if an angel or the spirit of your loved one is sending down a gentle “hello”.

This ornament is made from matte white polymer clay and each line has been impressed individually giving it a true one-of-a-kind appearance.  The edges are gilded with a gold paint and the backs have intentionally been left blank so that you may add your own personal names, dates, or messages.  This type of clay remains slightly flexible, so it is not brittle or prone to breakage (and it’s even washable!).  This keepsake will make a beautiful memorial for yourself or for someone you love.

  • The length of each feather is approximately 4″
  • Finished with a gold-plated jump ring and sheer ribbon
  • Dated 2022 on the front

As always, every penny made from the sale of these ornaments, and each and every item in our Shop, goes into making our free memorial requests possible.  From our hearts to yours, we wish you a gentle and very merry Christmas 💜



Sales in our shop are the #1 fundraiser at Held Your Whole Life.  We are always looking to offer new, meaningful memorial pieces.  100% of the proceeds from these, and all of our products, goes into the mission of gifting personalized memorial jewelry to families who have lost a baby in the womb.

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