Old words with new meaning

Sometimes before bed, the kids and I pile up in my room and we watch YouTube videos to settle down. A few nights ago we came across a beautiful reading of this old poem. The lines were read slowly and deliberately, from a mother to her child. I found comfort in the nearly-170-year-old words and[…]

The New Year

As bereaved parents we are forced through a timeline we cannot control. One that has missing pieces and stories that have been cut short. The New Year can be hard. I remember that first New Year’s Eve after we lost Hannah and Olivia – It felt like I was being forced to leave them behind.[…]

My Story

It is almost 4 years now since that worst day.  It has been hard.  Sometimes impossible.  Life has pushed us forward whether we wanted it to or not.  We have struggled.  We have cried.  We have buried our twin girls, together, in a little baby casket. Two weeks shy of the first anniversary of their[…]